Effective Skin Laser Treatment and Botox Injections at Dolce Aesthetics NY

Jan 13, 2024


Welcome to Dolce Aesthetics NY, your go-to destination for professional skin laser treatment, botox injections, and high-quality eyelash extensions in Long Island. Our experienced team of experts is dedicated to helping you achieve your beauty goals and enhancing your natural features. With our state-of-the-art technology and personalized approach, we strive to deliver outstanding results that exceed your expectations.

Skin Laser Treatment

When it comes to skin laser treatment, Dolce Aesthetics NY stands out as a leader in the industry. Our cutting-edge laser technology allows us to effectively target a wide range of skin concerns such as acne scars, sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven pigmentation.

We offer various advanced laser treatments, including but not limited to:

  • Laser Resurfacing: This treatment helps improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of scars, age spots, and wrinkles. It stimulates collagen production, resulting in smoother and younger-looking skin.
  • Laser Hair Removal: Say goodbye to unwanted hair with our laser hair removal services. Our advanced laser technology ensures long-lasting results and minimal discomfort.
  • Laser Skin Tightening: Combat sagging skin and regain a more youthful appearance with our laser skin tightening treatments. Our non-invasive procedure stimulates collagen production, promoting tighter and firmer skin.

Botox Injections

Botox injections have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. At Dolce Aesthetics NY, our skilled practitioners offer botox injections that effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a more youthful and refreshed look.

With our precise injection techniques and high-quality products, we can target specific areas such as forehead lines, crow's feet, and frown lines between the eyebrows. Our goal is to provide natural-looking results that enhance your unique beauty.

Eyelash Extensions in Long Island

Make your eyes pop and simplify your beauty routine with our luxurious eyelash extensions in Long Island. At Dolce Aesthetics NY, we offer a wide variety of lash styles and lengths to suit your preferences and eye shape.

Our experienced lash technicians meticulously apply each extension to ensure a seamless and natural look. Whether you desire a subtle enhancement or a dramatic, glamorous effect, our experts will customize the perfect set of lashes tailored just for you.

With our high-quality materials and precise application technique, you can enjoy long-lasting eyelash extensions that complement your overall appearance.


At Dolce Aesthetics NY, we are committed to providing top-notch skin laser treatment, botox injections, and eyelash extensions in Long Island. With our advanced technology, skilled professionals, and dedication to client satisfaction, we are confident in helping you achieve your desired results.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us guide you on your journey towards a more radiant and confident you. Experience the Dolce Aesthetics NY difference!